About Us

Our Company Profile

Flexihouse started with 8 site office cabins and a dedicated group led by Michael Ranck. We pitched the idea of connected office cabins to our customers and some of them like the idea. They wanted to get out of hot steel sea containers. Today, we offer Cabin rental throughout all of Malaysia and Taiwan.

Why Choose Us


Cabins are modular, you can add or remove to increase floor space to fit your needs.


Suitable for work site & event use. Available for short term & long term rental.


Cabins have double panel walls with fiberglass to reduce external heat & noise, providing maximum comfort to the users.

Professional Crew

We provide delivery and installation by our experienced in-house staff. No contractors.


Complete with:
  • Air conditioner
  • Lights
  • Plug point
  • Exhaust fan
  • Sliding glass window with pull down shelter
  • Single door
  • Others (please refer to sales personnel)